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Jobs almost seems to have launched a full PR campaign against Adobe, especially against their platform flash. it all started as an argument to why the new iPad does not support flash. one answer would be to limit users to the appstore in order to buy applications and not to mention games which can be found in millions on the web for free but the most logical for him seamed to be discrediting the platform, and later, the company itself.

a proposed replacement by Jobs was html5. as a developer for me it reflects Jobs’s lack of knowledge what html and flash is. it is natural that the prime uses of flash are video and adds, due to simplicity with maximum impact in these domains. but flash is not a video and slide show plugin.

flash is a:
consistent application interface (now the prime target for adobe)
multimedia platform
a tool for RIAs.
(to name a few)
runs on a piece of FREE software called Flash Player

html is a structured document standard. it has nothing to do with programing. in order to have usable, somewhat appealing and ergonomic interface it requires CSS.
(there is JS but that it’s just way too slow and far from an OOP language, compared to AS3 it doesn’t even worth mentioning)
html consistency is something of a dream of a 12 year old.

sow how the hell can be flash replaced by html?

it is a proprietary plugin. that is a GOOD thing. how many times should i mention that?

Stallman’s argument then was that no free players were comparatively good enough. As of February 2010, Gnash and Swfdec have seen very limited success in competing with Adobe’s player. Many important and popular websites require users to have a Flash player, sometimes with no fallback for non-Flash web users. Therefore, the lack of a good free Flash player is arguably an obstacle to enjoying the web with free software, and the aforementioned ubiquity of Flash makes the problem very evident for anyone who tries. The continual high ranking of Gnash on the Free Software Foundation’s list of high priority projects[72] might indicate the severity of the problem, as judged by the free software community.


what fuckin’ obstacle?
all the players for the browsers out there where created out of adobe’s money. i don’t think that a company would invest in creating a flash player when they can get it for free. there is a bit of a work implementing it but what the hell, small price to pay for a browser that wants to get big.
as for the actual plugin it was and always be free, it is not a good business decision to attach a price-tag when almost all of the specifications are out there. it will create competition and penetration will fall to an all time low.

another thing i have to point out, adobe is not making direct money with the flash platform. there is an IDE but that is just a small part of the set of tools it offers, all of them with the creative artist in mind. there is a free version of flex, if you want to be a flash developer with no material investment.

flash is not a resource eater. a running flash player eats up about 6k of memory with no measurable processing and a swf it has the size of around 4k. anything other than that is code and content created purely by the developer and it’s the developer’s responsibility.
flash is not that of a security risk. yes, it was but the transition from PF9 to 10 happened quite a while ago. for html security: what kind of a security risk is something that does not do anything, ever. finally, the flash player is by far more secure then any other browser it runs on (as a so called browser replacement).

for the dyeing technology argument i just say this. hypocrite. it’s not 1988. so i call Jobs a necrophyl what platforms and API is concerned.
Adobe is not NeXT Computer Inc. charging $50,000 for a software (you will hear that till you die Jobs, till you die, because there is where your heart lies, in money).
Adobe is not Apple selling people expensive shit making them believe it’s a cake.
Adobe is not distributing lies and insults on other companies and their products (some of their employees are, “screw you Apple!”, at least they don’t lie).

and flash will be the ONLY single consistent functional standard of the web.
developers decide not you or consumers, because we are making the web happen.

(don’t worry we still be making alternative html content for iPhones/pads)


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  1. It’s really good to read some arguements like this one.
    I will stop developing for the web, if there will be just html-js-hacking! Consistency, and having fun to develop is so much underestimated.


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