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Html4 and css2 (and JS) is about to become mature. javascript has actually become a viable solution for simple UI / site animations while IE9 takes the lead as the fastest JS interpreter. and yeah, there is jQuery. the question remains with the flash sites: why?

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1st things first

the code
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i was reading this article on Tech Crunch.

it is interesting to see that there is no clear statement from Adler saying that they lagged with the engagement because of flash. however quotes further down show some pointing fingers.

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Jobs almost seems to have launched a full PR campaign against Adobe, especially against their platform flash. it all started as an argument to why the new iPad does not support flash. one answer would be to limit users to the appstore in order to buy applications and not to mention games which can be found in millions on the web for free but the most logical for him seamed to be discrediting the platform, and later, the company itself.

a proposed replacement by Jobs was html5. as a developer for me it reflects Jobs’s lack of knowledge what html and flash is. it is natural that the prime uses of flash are video and adds, due to simplicity with maximum impact in these domains. but flash is not a video and slide show plugin.

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there is an argument out there that html5 will replace flash.
there are a number of people who hate flash.
and there is me, who uses both regularly, mainly development and also heavy browsing.

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